mistakes to avoid when buying a car

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Four Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Car

Having your car means having the liberty to go around any day, anytime at your comfort. You can choose the car you want according to your budget and maintain it to last a reasonable time. However, buying a vehicle is not that easy. You have to be particular about so many things. Remember, you are putting your money, so it is better to do some proper research before deciding on a good model for yourself. So to make it a better experience for yourself, here are some mistakes that you should avoid when buying a car;

Inadequate Research

Research, research, research. Spend time online so you don’t fall into a salesman trap. Use the internet, read reviews, watch youtube videos, talk to friends who own cars and ask about their experience, use the compare models feature online to help you understand the similarities and differences between different vehicles. Focus primarily on security features such as anti-lock brake systems, head-protecting airbags, and electronic stability control. 

Take the Car on a Test Drive

If you will spend thousands of dollars on a vehicle, make sure you drive it first. 1 in 6 people don’t take their car on a test drive. Test drive 4 to 6 cars before you settle on the final one. One common mistake is fixating on a specific vehicle or model. It is okay to incline towards a particular model, but don’t let that prevent you from exploring other options. Take your time and remember this car is going to stay with you for years. Don’t hastily buy a vehicle and regret your choices later. 

New vs. Old Car 

Old cars don’t have to be dingy. So what if the car won’t have a fresh car smell? You can always buy the “new car smell” air fresheners to fire up your olfactory senses. Sometimes buying an old car makes more sense financially, depending on your situation. A well-maintained old vehicle is an excellent alternative to its brand new counterpart. You can even buy accessories to embellish your vehicle. Don’t buy car accessories from the dealership as they tend to sell them at an exorbitant price; instead, visit an accessory store to make that purchase. 

Don’t Be Tricked by a Charming Salesman 

One of the tricks salespeople use apart from excessive friendliness is offering only valid deals for 24 or 48 hours. This way, they prevent you from thinking rationally. If a deal looks too good to be true, go home and sleep on it. The chances are that you will receive a call from them well beyond the expiry date. Please don’t share your budget with them; start by negotiating the initial vehicle price. Then, discuss the trade-in value and then whether or not you’ll finance or lease. From there, you should determine the monthly car payments.

Pro Tip: Wait Till December to March 

This is the time when most dealerships are waiting to sell-off their best models from last year. Hence, you get the best discounts and the upper hand in the negotiation. Thank us later when you drive away in your dream car using this pro-tip. 
When buying a car, it is essential to understand your needs as well as your budget. If you do not have enough money, you can always look into some good car loans available. This way, you will get a good amount that you will be paying in installments after the purchase. So what are you looking for? Go and start looking for some good car loan providers and some good car models to buy!

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