Six Tips for Getting the Best Auto Loan Rates

Now that you know some of the best car loan options, let’s take a look at some more general strategies to make sure you get the best auto loan interest no matter where you choose to apply for a loan.

1: Compare before going to the dealership.

Never assume that the dealer is offering you the best price, especially if your balance is not perfect. Compare interest rates from external sources (including online banks, credit unions, and auto loan companies) and get pre-approved for the best auto loan you can find before going to the dealer. This does not mean that you cannot resort to dealer financing if you have a lot of money. It just doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t trust it. Why is it important to get approval in the first place to trust dealer financing? Here are some reasons:

First, you have more control over negotiating an even better rate with the dealer’s preferred lender, but the deal does not depend on it. Second, you know what type of interest rate you should receive so that you can more easily determine if the merchant has added a premium to the rate offered by a lender you have worked with. Third, you know what you can comfortably afford, which reduces the likelihood that the dealership will sell you more with a more expensive car.

2: Know your credit score.

Your credit rating is also the most important factor in the interest rates offered to you. Excellent credit means better interest rates and bad credit means higher interest rates if you qualify. Basically, your credit rating has a large impact on the interest on your loan, which in turn affects your monthly payment and the payment over the life of the loan. If you know your creditworthiness in advance, you will know what type of loan terms you are eligible for and you will also have time to improve your credit standing if you are not in good shape. Although building a good loan takes time, there are a few ways to quickly increase your credit rating. Many credit cards now offer a free view of your FICO or VantageScore credit score. Also, keep in mind that if potential lenders take a close look at your credit rating, your credit rating may drop temporarily. However, if you limit your loan purchase to two weeks, your score will not produce multiple results.

3: Sign up for a shorter loan term.

Like any other loan, you will pay less in the long run if you can compress your payments in less time. A longer-term loan may seem ideal due to lower monthly payments (who doesn’t want to pay less than $400 for almost double?) But look beyond short term satisfaction. Beware of dealers trying to sell you a car by showing you how low your monthly payment can be. This tactic simply increases your profitability by diverting your attention from the purchase price and increasing it with the amount of your loan.

4: Maybe buy new ones.

In most cases, you can get a better interest rate by buying new ones instead of used ones. Average interest rates for used cars can be considerably higher than for new cars, mainly because people who buy used cars tend to have lower credit scores than those who need ‘a loan. for new cars. Their value immediately after taking possession remains a compelling reason to look at used cars and that is why they are the best deal most of the time. However, when you make your decision, think about the best financing you can get for a new car. Similar sticker prices, for example, if you compare a new mid-range car with a used luxury car, could be the deciding factor for the new car. Don’t forget insurance, which also changes when buying a new or used vehicle.

5: Don’t pay for the “extras” with your loan.

It’s no secret that car dealers will inevitably offer you many “extras”, ranging from extended warranties to upgrades such as rust prevention, fabric protection, and safety. Most experts warn that purchasing these supplements rarely makes sense. However, inclusion in your loan makes even less sense: interest means you pay more for these long-term extras.

6: Take advantage of discounts on interest rates.

Many lenders lower your interest rate a bit when you sign up for automatic payments or pay your bill online. Others may give you a discount if you already have a banking relationship with them or if you buy a particular type of car. Don’t assume they will tell you about these potential savings, always ask.

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